Much More A Community Than A Facility

The Stewart Health Center boasts the same special, individual-focused culture that makes The Cypress of Charlotte such a unique and appealing place to live. Between the compassionate Stewart staff and fellow residents, you’ll quickly feel like you’re part of a tight-knit community, if not an extended family. Regardless of the duration of your stay, you’ll enjoy a gratifying experience at The Stewart that caters to your specific needs and allows you to make the most of every day. 

Making Happy A Habit

Residents and their families are universally energized by the upbeat and engaging atmosphere at The Stewart Health Center. They’re impressed by the quality of the cuisine and the breadth of activities. They’re taken aback by the bond that forms between themselves and the expert caregivers they interact with daily. Cypress members come to The Stewart for standout medical care and quickly realize that’s only part of what makes this place so special. 

Making Happy a Habit

State-Of-The-Art. Close To Home.

To serve the needs of Cypress members today and well into the future, an expansion of The Stewart Health Center was completed in 2022. Some highlights include additional private rooms arranged into residential neighborhoods, new restaurant-style dining rooms, and a brand-new therapy room. 

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